hi, we’re Bear’s Fruit Kombucha

100% Raw | Organic & Fair Trade Certified | Non-GMO | Vegan | Proudly Made in Brooklyn

Great minds think differently, which is why Bear’s Fruit Kombucha is fermented with 100% organic fruit & herbs - no sugary juice, artificial flavors or any other weird stuff.  With billions of probiotics per bottle, Bear's Fruit makes it refreshingly easy to be good to yourself every darn day.


better ingredients
taste better

Brewing kombucha with 100% whole organic fruit instead of juice or flavors isn’t as cheap or easy, but we believe the best things in life are worth the effort - and Hard Work Bears Fruit.


proudly made
in Brooklyn

Handcrafted at NYC HQ to deliver the freshest, best tasting kombucha in every bottle.


small but mighty

We picked our slightly smaller bottle based on the science of kombucha: Your body can only absorb 10 oz of probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins and all the other healthy stuff in kombucha at once. So there’s no need to down a growler of kombucha (unless you want to!).

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